Yvonne Rooding

“An adventurous journey to the cosmic truth”.
She sees life as a cycle, a continual alternation in the cosmos by which opposite attracts and rejects each other alternatively. This subject is in general invisible, inaudible, without shape, without beginning or end and beyond space or time.
Crack   Slowly recharge Protection
These cyclic elements she translates them into circular shapes, to point out events in your life. The theme “contradistinction” is regularly used. This applies both to her two and three dimensional work

The contradistinction of light and darkness are clearly indicated in her work. The infinite space of the universe has an important role in her paintings. This is symbolized by deep dark blue colors.

Yvonne Rooding - Slipping into darkness Yvonne Rooding - Spinning Yvonne Rooding - Within orb
Slipping into darkness   Spinning   Within orb
She uses symbols (keys till consciousness) to work out her theme.
With the final result  that brings up associations of colorful whirlpools, bubbling eruptions, penetrating collisions, floating cocoons and DNA-spirals.
The paintings are worked out with acrylic on canvas or drawing ink and rubber on paper, which ensures surprising textures.
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De kleur is de plaats waar onze hersenen en het heelal elkaar ontmoeten.
Paul Cézanne
‘The success of a company cannot be measured solely in economic terms, but also according to its contributions in the fields of art, culture and education.’
Sakip Sabanci
There's no retirement for an artist, it's your way of living. So, there's no end to it.
Henry Moore