Arjen Markenstein

The human as muse, not only to express the body but, also what man does, wishes, drives and believes...
Arjen Markenstein is inspired by religion and liturgical rituals from the past which he translates into the present time, stripped of their specific religious meaning.
Golden cage Forbidden Fruit Listening or talking
The artist announces with his work no religious message,  but takes the spectator along in his search for mindsets, concerning religion. The accent lies within breaking through stereotype thoughts in a critical, cynical, or with a sense of humor into a new sculpture.

Striking is his enormous virtuosity into expressing the human body. His torsos have a strong sensual expression.
Inner drum Burning brain Drowned world
The sculptures are being created of thin plates of clay, which are being formed by pushing in and knocking out. This makes each work unique. If you take a close look, you can see Markenstein’s fingerprints on it. He doesn’t polish the surface smooth to express the structure of the skin. This is accentuated by coloring with engobes and oxides.
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There's no retirement for an artist, it's your way of living. So, there's no end to it.
Henry Moore
‘The success of a company cannot be measured solely in economic terms, but also according to its contributions in the fields of art, culture and education.’
Sakip Sabanci