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extended until 7 June 2020

Below the surface

Arjen Markenstein - Sculptural ceramic
Yvonne Rooding - Painting


Exhibition Mail Art Project
Roze Hokjes
/ Pink Pigeonholing

Saterday February 2 14.00 -17.00 hour
Official opening
Sunday, February 3 at 3:00 PM by councilor culture Marij Pollux-Linssen.

Theme Mail Art Project:
No one wants to be labeled and to be placed in a 'box' yet we can be all prejudice/ one-sided. Conscious or unconscious.


Exhibition Sporen (Traces)
Septener 1 till December 2, 2018

Arjen Markenstein - Sculptural ceramic
Yvonne Rooding - Painting


Exhibition Progress? and Artproject 40 x 40
March 3 till june 3 2018

Anja van Rijen, Arjen Markenstein,
Arthur Willemse, Charlotte Burgmans,
Jasmijn Duterloo, Mainkunstenaars,
Marieke Maesen, Peter van Beveren,
Theo Schouten, Walburgis Meijers,
Yvonne Rooding


Exhibition Jump
September 2 - december 3
Arjen Markenstein
Yvonne Rooding

  Exhibition Secret & Artproject 40 x 40
March 4th till May 28 th 2017
Opening march 3 p.m.
Antoinette C.H., Liesbeth Heikens,Rasim Huseinov, Van Lieshout VI, Pauline Luiten, Marijke Pieters, Marian Pruijn, Koen Soberon en Francisca Tollenaar

Open studio and gallery keramiek
Arjen Markenstein
March 18 + 19 12.00-17.00 hours


Photo: Construction ceramic portrait by Arjen Markenstein


Gallery Tuur participate in the
The Odd Artroute 2017
May 25th
11.00 - 18.00



‘The success of a company cannot be measured solely in economic terms, but also according to its contributions in the fields of art, culture and education.’
Sakip Sabanci
There's no retirement for an artist, it's your way of living. So, there's no end to it.
Henry Moore