"Images of a journey in mind, feeling and energy."


The deep dark blue colors are undeniably in the work of Yvonne Rooding. Blue the color of the sky and the sea. Blue represents its symbol for the infinite space of the universe and this theme plays an important role in her paintings. The work does take a certain admissibility of the spectator, The contradistinction of light and darkness are clearly indicated in her work


Yvonne Rooding sees life as a cycle, a continual alternation in the cosmos by which opposite attracts and rejects each other alternatively This subject is in general invisible, inaudible, without shape, without beginning or end and beyond space or time..

These cyclic elements she translates them into circular shapes, to point out events in your life. The theme “contradistinction” is regularly used. This applies both to her 2 and 3 dimensional work

Aquarint -a water labyrinth for the coots.  
More often Yvonne Rooding is to see with her spatially work, in which frequently other sense organs then the sight are stimulated, another way to experience art. To be (awake) shake up from the daily visible reality and experience the other side.  
Detale installation Armchair travel  

Roodings paintings are permanent exhibited in Gallery Tuur.
Straelseweg 77, 5911 CM Venlo

The gallery is open every first weekend of the month Saturdays and Sundays between 14.00 and 17.00 hours or by appointment