Galleries and Musea in the region of Venlo

Gallery Q
This virtual gallery shows statues, paintings and silkscreen prints of the artists Yvonne Rooding and Arjen Markenstein.
Museum van Bommel van Dam Museum van Bommel van Dam - Venlo
Profile themselves with an alternating offer of varies exhibitions concerning painting- and drawing art, sculpture and photography.
Limburgs Museum Limburgs Museum - Venlo
The history, traditions and recent developments of perhaps the nicest province of the Netherlands in the most alternating museum of Limburg.
Glasgalierie Het Maasduin Glasgallery Het Maasduin - Velden
Alongside the cycle track the Maasduinen in Noord-Limburg you can admire the glass galley 'Het Maasduin' located in it picturesque Schandelo. The Gallery is open Saturday and Sunday 12.00 until 17.00 hour and by appointment 06-54320199.
  Gallery Wilms - Venlo
A young renewing gallery. Established in the culture district of Venlo; Q4.
  Gallery Kamer voor Kunst - Venlo
The house-gallery “chamber for art”, of the artist Monique Bruls.
Located at Goltziusstraat 40, Venlo.


There's no retirement for an artist, it's your way of living. So, there's no end to it.
Henry Moore
‘The success of a company cannot be measured solely in economic terms, but also according to its contributions in the fields of art, culture and education.’
Sakip Sabanci