Lichtbaken venlo
Lightplan Wiehager 2022 , Photo Wim van Groenendaal

An interactive light project in collaboration with Suzanne Berkers
On Kaldenkerkerweg in Tegelen is an industrial chimney no less than 70 meters high. Due to its geographical location this is also the highest point of Venlo. This monumental chimney is a symbol of the manufacturing industry and its history, but has not had any function apart from that until now.

31 Lashing straps of the chimney have been provided with LED lights. Each light strap can be programmed separately. This way color stories are created, communication at a ‘high’ level. The chimney has been given a new function as a communication tool.

This city icon functions as a barometer of the city. With it, the artists want to increase social involvement, awareness and recognisability of the city for young and old alike, giving off a positive signal.
The basic design is white, that means there is no communication. As soon as color is visible, you know there is a story or message behind it.

Lichtbaken van Venlo was supported by Gemeente Venlo, BOEi, Ondernemend Venlo and several local culture-loving companies and donors.