Installation THE BOX - The quest

Material: wood, leathers, fur, cloth, feathers, paperboard, salt crystal, rubber, halogen light.
Dimension: 250 x 310 x 210 cm

Ingang door gordijn   rubber huid   Zoutkristal   Eigen schaduw bekijken   spelen met shaduw
    Vacht en sterren   Lichtval   Uitgang
Buitenzijde karton  

An installation where you will be grope one’s way in the dark, forced to use your other senses.
It will be a quest in the land of the blind. Another way to experience art. Isn’t that what matter in art? Just to be shaken up from that daily visible reality and experience the other side? To feel, gropes, search, smell, hear, being scared of your own shadow, become uncertain, discover. It is all possible in The Box.